Sunday, February 15, 2015

Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

Breaking News!!!
Chairs Broken at Big Spring Lake Kindergarten!

This is one of my favorite things to do every year!   I like to create some excitement the week we read Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  I do this on Friday after the students have read the book all week.  During morning announcements I tell the boys and girls that Goldilocks has heard they have been reading her story.  I then tell them that Goldilocks came by to bring them a surprise.  When she got to school this morning she accidentally broke Mrs. Penney's chair!  She also sat in Mr. West's chair and broke it too!  Goldilocks then runs through the school and knocks on each door and leaves a surprise!

Principal- Mrs. Penney
Assistant Principal- Mr. West
We have 27 Kindergarten Classrooms!  Each class gets a note from Goldilocks, a bag of gummy bears,  a package of questions using Bloom's Taxonomy and a cute Valentine's Day book.
Surprises are wrapped and ready to go!

Knock!  Knock!  Open the door and.... Oh my Goodness!

I must admit, after running around the school, knocking and hiding...I was out of breath!!!
I love to hear the kids gasp when they hear me knock on the door! 

I hope you can make some Kindergarten memories of your own 

Have fun!
aka Goldilocks

Close Reading with Groundhogs

Groundhogs Close Read

I had the best time teaching with Mrs. Armstrong! 
 We planned a week of lessons using Groundhogs to teach several reading, writing and language standards.  
Monday- We watched a video on groundhogs and read informational text poster.
We read this poster everyday.

Tuesday-  This is Mrs. Armstrong reading our text with students. She read the text-dependent questions with the students.
Students have to refer back to the text and highlight their evidence.

Highlighting evidence with a yellow crayon.

Refer back to the text.

Cut and glue answers to text-dependent questions
after you highlight it in the text.

You can find this Groundhog Close Read
and many more in my February Close Reading Pack.
You will be amazed at how much your students learn!

Snowman Freebie Fun!

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

My HAPPY NEW YEAR gift for teachers was a Sneezy the Snowman book and activity page!
Hope your students enjoy this FREE Snowman activity!

You Can't Catch Me! I'm the Gingerbread Man!

Gingerbread Man FUN!
One of our favorite family traditions is making a gingerbread house!

I had so much fun writing an 
adaption of the story with the girls!

It combines the fun of the gingerbread man with familiar characters from Brown Bear by Eric Carle. The Gingerbread Man is being chased by a Brown Bear, a Red Bird, a Yellow Duck, a Blue Horse, a Green Frog, a Purple Cat, a White Dog, and a Black Sheep!
My little girls could listen to this story over and over! It's on their list of favorite bedtime stories. I hope your kids enjoy it too! Run by and take a look at my Gingerbread Math and Literacy Unit for more FUN and LEARNING! Your kids will love how their favorite charactersfrom Brown Bear chase the gingerbread man!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Boo-Boo Pumpkin Babies

Boo-Boo Pumpkin Babies is about five little baby pumpkins getting boo-boos while playing in the pumpkin patch. The Mama has to keep putting band-aids on all the babies.
The baby pumpkins eventually learn to obey and take turns. 

My girls love helping me make all the baby pumpkins!  
It's a family event! 
My husband carves the mouths for the pacifiers 
and my girls help me with the bows and band-aids. 

I make 27 "Deliveries" to 27 Classes!

I dress like a doctor, wrap the Baby Boo-Boo Pumpkins in hospital blankets and put them in a cart.  

After reading the story, I tell them that Mama pumpkin has too many pumpkins to take care of at the pumpkin patch.  I explain that Mama pumpkin heard how sweet and kind the boys and girls are at our school and she would love for them to adopt one of her babies. 

I then take a tightly wrapped Boo-Boo Pumpkin Baby out of my cart. 

 I love how excited all my kinders get waiting to see if they will get a boy or a girl. It is so fun!!!
 I unwrap the baby and hand it to the teacher.  

It's a ... 

The kids take a pledge to love and take care of their baby 
Each class signs an adoption certificate and names their baby.

I like to read them the story before they go on their field trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  

I tell them to look for Boo-Boo Pumpkin Babies at the patch.  

I also give them a Boo- Boo Pumpkin Baby coloring page 
and a box of real band-aids to stick on their paper. 

This bulletin board has 
all the adoption certificates from each class.  

Adopting Baby Boo-Boo Pumpkin is one of my

Bunny Cakes Jumpstart's Read for the Record 2014

 Bunny Cakes by Rosemary Wells

This book is about Max and Ruby making their Grandmother a  birthday cake.  Max wants to make her an icky worm cake. But Ruby insists on angel surprise with raspberry-fluff icing. Max's heart is in the right place and all he wants is to make her an earthworm cake with his favorite candy, RED HOT MARSHMALLOW SQUIRTERS! 
I LOVED reading the book to all 500 of my little kinders! I  turned boxes of Mike & Ike Candies into Max's favorite candy.  I taped each box with a Red-Hot Marshmallow Squirter label. 

I made a coloring sheet and an Itty Bitty book for post reading fun!

Guess who came to visit?  Max and Ruby!
They traveled around with me to all the classes.  

EWWW!  Max wants to make an earthworm cake?!?!

Tasting Max's favorite candy!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

NEAEC Conference 2014

Today was our NEAEC Conference!

I didn’t present this year and had the opportunity to learn from these two smart ladies! 
I had so much FUN!  I have pages of notes and I know my wheels will be turning all night!  
 Kim Adsit’s
 sessions were packed full of great information 
and SO entertaining! 
I LOVE her ideas and resources for
 Developing Confident Writers and her
Science Blaster session was FaNtaStiC! 

Kathy Griffin’s 
math games and manipulatives are amazing!
 We learned tons of activities in her Math Makes Sense session.
Her "Flip the Five and Ten Frames" are GENIUS!

Thank you, Kim Adsit & Kathy Griffin, for making our conference a successful day of learning and growing! 

It was a
marshmallow eating, 
paint mixing, 
and ice cream making 

 I love it when teachers learn and grow together…
teachers are a mighty force!

Individually, we are one drop. TOGETHER we are an ocean.

-Ryunosuke Satoro