Monday, October 27, 2014

Boo-Boo Pumpkin Babies

Boo-Boo Pumpkin Babies is about five little baby pumpkins getting boo-boos while playing in the pumpkin patch. The Mama has to keep putting band-aids on all the babies.
The baby pumpkins eventually learn to obey and take turns. 

My girls love helping me make all the baby pumpkins!  
It's a family event! 
My husband carves the mouths for the pacifiers 
and my girls help me with the bows and band-aids. 

I make 27 "Deliveries" to 27 Classes!

I dress like a doctor, wrap the Baby Boo-Boo Pumpkins in hospital blankets and put them in a cart.  

After reading the story, I tell them that Mama pumpkin has too many pumpkins to take care of at the pumpkin patch.  I explain that Mama pumpkin heard how sweet and kind the boys and girls are at our school and she would love for them to adopt one of her babies. 

I then take a tightly wrapped Boo-Boo Pumpkin Baby out of my cart. 

 I love how excited all my kinders get waiting to see if they will get a boy or a girl. It is so fun!!!
 I unwrap the baby and hand it to the teacher.  

It's a ... 

The kids take a pledge to love and take care of their baby 
Each class signs an adoption certificate and names their baby.

I like to read them the story before they go on their field trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  

I tell them to look for Boo-Boo Pumpkin Babies at the patch.  

I also give them a Boo- Boo Pumpkin Baby coloring page 
and a box of real band-aids to stick on their paper. 

This bulletin board has 
all the adoption certificates from each class.  

Adopting Baby Boo-Boo Pumpkin is one of my


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